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Hudson, NY Relaxation Dentistry - Dental Anxiety

If you experience fear or extreme anxiety before a visit to the dentist, or have been avoiding the dentist because of these problems then fear no more.

We can now provide you with anti-anxiety medicine that you take before your appointment, that will make your fear "disappear". 

While you will be fully awake during your procedure(s), you will experience none of the white-knuckled fear you used to. Instead you will feel calm and relaxed. This is an oral medication, so there are no injections involved.

The dosage needs to be adjusted for each patient's different physiology, level of stress, and other medications they may be on. Some patients who are on certain medications may not be able to take this medication, but our doctors will conduct a full review of your medical history before prescribing any medication to you. 

For safety reasons all patients receiving this medication must have someone to drive them to and from the office.

Please contact our staff for an appointment and evaluation to see if this approach is the right one for you.