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Learn about Dental Implant Restoration in Hudson, NY

Dental implants are an excellent investment in your oral health – they securely support crowns, bridges, and dentures to help your smile look full and healthy. Over time, however, it’s possible for these prosthetics to become damaged by accident, or to show wear and tear. Protect your investment with implant restoration services from the Hudson, NY cosmetic and restorative dental experts at Nothing But The Tooth.

Why Restore Dental Implants?

No one wants their dental work to look unattractive. While dental prosthetics are made to be strong, it’s possible for you to chip or crack a crown, or have gotten a set of less-than-perfect dentures from a former dental office. As an implant patient, your crowns and dentures are a permanent part of your smile, which is why correcting any aesthetic or functional issues is so important. Dental Implant Restorations

Our Hudson implant dentists provide you with new restorations that attach to your dental implants and allow your smile to look its best. Dental implant restoration provides for:

• Improved bite function
• Enhanced smile zone aesthetic
• Natural-looking repairs
• Seamless blending with any existing teeth

Uneven wear-and-tear on crowns and dentures produces an unbalanced bite, which can bring headaches and jaw pain with it. By restoring the prosthetic attached to your dental implant(s), you benefit from a flawless smile that works exactly as it should.

Implant Restoration in Hudson, NY

Our restorative dentists offer personalized care for dental implant patients. We can take old crowns, partials, full dentures, and bridges and provide you with new, permanent teeth that are made to look just like natural teeth. If you have existing teeth, as well as restored teeth, our restorations will complement your smile perfectly --- no one has to know that you’re wearing a crown or denture.

Nothing But the Tooth has offered restorative dental treatment for 15 years and is able to create a beautiful smile that meets your goals and expectations. We welcome permanent denture wearers and implant patients into our office for a free consultation about restoring their dental implants. Our doctors will sit with you to help establish a care plan that takes all of your concerns into consideration; we want your smile to look and feel its best.

Questions about Restoring Dental Implants? Contact Us!

You don’t have to live with old, worn-down crowns, dentures, and partials. We provide you with new and beautiful prosthetics for complete dental implant restoration.

For more information about our Hudson restorative dentistry treatments, contact our team to schedule your free consultation.