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Nothing but the Tooth offers the highest quality care for your oral health needs. We understand that excellence in dentistry begins with careful diagnosis and thorough treatment plans to establish the goals we will achieve together. Our dentists also take care to build long-term relationships, as they help us ensure that treatment meets your needs. Please let us know what is on your mind and ask questions; we want all of our patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their dental care, from treatment plans and services to insurance coverage. We encourage honest feedback from all patients.

Professional Dental Care at Every Level

Nothing but the Tooth firmly believes that patient comfort and quality care is not possible without a properly trained, professional staff.

Our dental assistants and hygienists are licensed professionals who pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of dentistry and efficient patient communication. They are excited about what they are doing, have high standards of quality and integrity, and are motivated to achieve best results for our family of patients. Our dentists have a dedication to not only maintaining but improving, the level of care they provide their patients.

High Standards for Excellent Results

The majority of patients may have no idea whether their dentist is performing their duties properly and may only be able to judge their dental work based on their dentist’s demeanor. In reality, the actual quality and thoroughness of dental work performed can vary, regardless of chair-side.

A simple way to determine whether your dentist’s work can be trusted is to ask the following question: who is monitoring the quality of your dentist's work? Private, fee-for-service dentists who do not participate in insurance plans won’t have anyone evaluating their technical performance.

As participants in many insurance plans, the Hudson dentists at Nothing but the Tooth undergo continual monitoring by insurance companies who hire independent dentists to routinely review the treatments we provide to our patients. We are proud to say that our dentists have never been sanctioned, removed from a participating provider panel, or refused entry to a new insurance panel. You can be assured that not only will we treat you with gentleness, care, and professionalism, but that there is also someone watching over us to make sure that the treatment we provide meets all acceptable standards of care.

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Nothing but the Tooth provides the best of both patient friendly and quality care. Our team believes that a friendly, caring staff and high-quality dentistry go hand-in-hand. To find out more, contact our Hudson dental practice today!

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