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Root Canal Therapy in Hudson, NY From Nothing But The Tooth

Root canals are important dental treatments that help save your teeth and stop the spread of damage caused by a tooth infection. Unfortunately, many patients are intimidated by root canals; however at Nothing But The Tooth, we ensure that your Hudson, NY root canal therapy is performed safely and comfortably.

If you have a tooth infection, or a severely damaged tooth, a root canal is the best way to keep your smile healthy and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

Signs that You May Need a Root Canal

Getting a root canal involves clearing out material that has been compromised as the result of an infection or the formation of an abscess. You may have a tooth infection if you are experiencing any of the following:

• Heightened sensitivity to heat and cold
• Bad taste in your mouth
• Swollen jaw
• Discomfort when chewing
• Sharp or shooting pain

If you have any of these symptoms, it’s important to contact our office immediately to get dental care as soon as possible. The sooner we can treat your tooth infection with a root canal, the better you’ll feel.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

During treatment, Dr. Solomon accesses the dentin (or what’s inside your tooth) by creating a small hole. All infected material is then thoroughly removed and your tooth is filled with a special kind of rubber-like dental material. 

Your newly healthy tooth is then topped with a dental crown, to restore the strength and beauty of your smile. By providing root canal therapy to damaged teeth, your original tooth structure – roots and all – stays in place and helps nurture good oral health.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Opposite of what you may have heard, root canals do not cause any more discomfort than routine treatments, like getting a cavity filled. During the root canal recovery process, you may experience some tenderness around your treated tooth, but this is temporary; over-the-counter medication works well to manage any post-treatment discomfort.

If you are anxious about getting a root canal, our Hudson dental office is happy to offer relaxation dental services. We accommodate even the most anxious patients and make getting important dental care easier than you might think.

Don’t Wait to Get Root Canal Therapy – Contact Us for Your Consultation

If you have questions about getting a root canal from our Hudson, NY dental office, call us today for your treatment consultation. We’ll go over all of your options for care and keep you information about your treatment plan every step of the way.